Digital I-Services

Digital I-Services, established as a response to the rapid uptake of the internet, now incorporates search engine marketing, online video, social networks, email marketing, mobile marketing and a variety of interactive channels to suit current consumer trends.

Digital I-Services includes both Online Marketing and Mobile Marketing:


A professional website is the staple of any successful business. I communicates a businesses’ primary branded messages across a wide range of media channels. Websites establish the link between your business to the consumer, your business to other businesses, your business to the world. The internet, in particular, by promoting convenience through the entire online shopping experience – from research and comparison to final purchase – greets the customer where they are most comfortable and most likely to purchase. A well-designed, functional website promotes a consistent brand image and affords a permanent point of contact for customer inquiries.

Search Engine Marketing

Marketing for search engines is a science. utilizing search engine optimization technologies, Digital Web Services companies can ensure strong rankings for specific search terms with Google, MSN and Yahoo! By doing so, tailored Digital Web Services deliver only the most relevant customer inquiries and promote efficient, reliable avenues for eCommerce.

Online Video

Online Video represents an opportunity for savvy Digital Web Services companies to cash in on an emerging industry. Because the internet dominates all forms of media during the purchase process, online video capitalizes on a uniquely engaged, active audience. Testimonials, announcements, webinars, product demonstrations, commercials and RSS Feeds account for only a small proportion of online video use.

Social Networks

A social networking site can be an incredibly successful tool to complement existing Digital Web Services.

Social networking sites are low-cost, more ‘conversation’ than ‘call-to-action’ and promoted as meeting emerging consumer demands for immediacy and frequency of communication. Social networking has proven best utilized for increasing an already established brand-presence and providing an avenue for interaction between business and consumer.

Email Marketing

Newsletters, mail-outs, invitations, promotions and business communications all fall under the umbrella term ‘email marketing’ and provide cost-effective, measurable Digital Web Services alternatives.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing promotes your business, brand or organization to an increasingly-mobile, technologically-savvy consumer base which prize convenience over content (as of March, 2009, over 80% of the Australian population were locked into the online world with an astonishing 9 Million connected via 3G – Mobile Broadband). A Mobi-site, a website with mobile browsing compatibility, is a critical component of today’s Digital Web Services strategy. With more and more consumers turning their attention to mobile internet, the ability to supply up-to-date, accessible information is in great demand.

Why Choose DSI?

In business since 1986, DSI has expanded its Digital Web Services to target the latest consumer trends. From online to mobile marketing, DSI does it all. Boasting a portfolio of over 1000 satisfied clients, DSI has the experience, credibility and advertising nous to satisfy all your requirements. By investing tens of thousands of dollars in R&D each year, DSI maintains its status as a Digital Web Services company ahead of the game.

For online marketing, DSI utilises state-of-the-art proprietary Search Engine Optimisation technology, Web Magnet™, to deliver websites guaranteed to rank strongly with major search engines like Google, MSN and Yahoo! For Mobile Marketing, DSI is equally adept, tailoring Mobi-sites and mobile marketing campaigns to each of our clients’ specific needs.

The list of Digital Web Services DSI provides includes:

Website Design
Web Development
Online Photography
Online Video
Web Copywriting
Email Marketing
Social Media
Social Marketing
Mobile Applications
Mobile Marketing